Post Graduate Programme in
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is everywhere and there is almost important need for automation.

This is why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is in the frontier of IT and has become crucial today as it aids in improving business.

It offers a plethora of opportunities across industries and domains.

Term 1

Principles of Artificial Intelligence. Setting up Python environment
Fundamentals of Mathematics for AI – 1
Deep Learning and Neural Networks CNNs and RNNs, Adversarial Networks
Constraint Propagation and Search.
Search Optimization | Symbolic Logic and Reasoning | Simulated Annealing | Genetic Algorithms

Term 2

Mathematics for AI – 2
Planning and Adversarial Search Automated and Classical Planning | Symbolic Logic and Reasoning
Probabilistic Graphical Models – Bayes and Markov Models | Dynamic Time Warping
Computer Vision Image Representation and Analysis | Features and Object Recognition | Advanced CNN Architecture | Recurrent Neural Networks | Object Tracking and Localization

Term 3

Natural Language Processing
API Design Integration Django Library | API Design | Security
Cloud for Model Deployment Cloud Deployment models | Cloud Service models | Cloud Deployment Architecture
Project | Industry Immersion