Post Graduate Certificate in
Full-Stack Development

Full stack development is everywhere and there is almost important need for web applications and websites. There are predicted to be 27.7 million developers by 2023, and by 2024, India is likely to see a 30 to 35 percent increase in the number of web developer jobs worldwide.

With about 1.4 million open positions for Full Stack Web Development, experts predict that full stack development will overtake all other emerging specialties. Reports even suggests that people who swapped their jobs to full stack developers have a salary hike from 70 to 120%. Which explains how FSD dominate the world in career opportunities.

This is why full stack developers are the frontier of IT and has become crucial in today’s world to create and develop wed applications as well as they work on the frontend, backend, database and debugging of web applications or websites.

It offers a plethora of opportunities across industries and domains.

Term 1

Introduction to Full Stack
JavaScript programming basics
Algorithms and Data Structures HTML, Forms, CSS & JavaScript
Apply Node JS for developing web servers essential for the back end.
Programming npm typescript Unit Testing
Client side
Introduction to angular AngularJS MVC jQuery Angular and HTML document binding npm and angular development Unit Tests with Angular
Source control, Build and deploy

Term 2

Test Driven Development Mocha Serverside Testing
Project- Building Application with MEAN Stack
SQL Databases SQL Databases
Client side programming with ReactJS
Authentication and Authorization
Project with PERN Stack

Term 3

Web Security
Templates Spring Framework Spring MVC Connecting to Databases
Server side programming in Java Springboot
Springboot Spring REST
Microservices with Spring Deploying Spring Applications with Tomcat and Apache
Agile, CI/CD pipeline Agile Concepts. Stories, epics, tasks. Estimation. JIRA, Bitbucket Jenkins
Building SPA - with Java Spring and Postgres

Term 4

Web Architecture - Server Farms
Load Balancers, Caching
Cloud Deployments
Mobile Applications - PWA